Tuition and Billing Policy

Tuition and Billing Policy

The Conservatory follows the traditional nine-month academic calendar. Students register for the full session, September through May. Tuition is based on the number of classes the student is enrolled in and is not based on attendance. Although holidays may cause there to be a “short” month of classes, others may be “long” months that have five weeks; therefore, we have calculated tuition based on the nine-month school year. For the convenience of our families, we have the following payment options:

FULL SCHOOL YEAR TUITION PAYMENT:One time full-year tuition payment due at registration. Receive 5% discount.

FULL SEMESTER PAYMENT:Two payments, each covering the cost of one semester. The first is to be paid at registration and the second must be paid by January 15. Receive 5% discount off total tuition payment.

INSTALLMENT PLAN:Yearly tuition is divided into nine installments. Each installment is paid on the first of every month. A grace period is granted until the tenth of the month, but a $15 late charge will be applied after that date.

AUTO-DEBIT: We also offer the conveniece of automatic bank draft. This must be set up at the time of registration. The Auto-Debit form must be completely filled out with your signature at the bottom and a voided check stapled to the form. The registration fee and first month payment will be made by check and the auto-debit will begin the second month of enrollment. Auto-debits are run on or about the fifth day of each month. Once an auto debit is set up, it can only be changed by providing a signed written notice at least two weeks prior to the date of the next draft.

CASH OR CHECKS are accepted in the office or in the tuition box located in the hall. Please do not turn your checks in to the instructors. Checks can be made out to NWACCB. Please remember to write your child’s name and the purpose of the check in the MEMO line. Returned checks or auto drafts will be assessed a $25 fee and must be paid in cash along with the installment.

CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS are accepted in the office.

There are no refunds, credits, or transfers of tuition for missed classes, snow days, or designated holidays. Classes missed may be made up by attending any class at the same level or below. If there are an extraordinary number of days we are closed due to weather, we will provide additional time at the end of the year for makeup classes. The Conservatory generally follows the school cancellations issued by the Bentonville School District. We will issue a cancellation notice by email and post on our website. If the roads clear before the first class of the day, we will make every effort to conduct classes.

WITHDRAWAL POLICY: Registration and tuition payments are non-refundable. If your child is seriously ill or injured and you need to withdraw, please come to the office with a doctor’s written certificate to verify. Notice of intent to withdraw must be signed and submitted to the main office two weeks prior to the next billing cycle. This also applies to families who need to withdraw due to sudden financial difficulties or a transfer to another location. Because each tuition contract is in effect for the duration of the school year, early withdrawal will result in the surrender of the student's Spring Fanfare Performance Fee.

Enrollment Fees: (non-refundable)

Registration Fee: $25/student; $40/family 
Spring Fanfare Performance Fee: $35/performing student

Upon enrollment, we will collect the registration fee, Fanfare performance fee, and the student's first month's tuition. Families choosing to enroll in auto-draft will have their child's tuition drafted beginning the second month after enrollment, and should be prepared to pay the first month's tuition up-front.

Tuition Rates:

First Class (Longest Class):
30 mins       $50/ month
1 hour          $60/ month
1 1/4 hours  $65/ month
1 1/2  hours $70/ month
Each Additional Class:
30 mins        $30/ month
1 hour            $35/ month
1 1/4  hours   $40/ month
1 1/2  hours   $45/ month

We offer a sibling discount of 10% off tuition for additional students enrolling within the same family.

For those who wish to try a class before committing to enrollment and for those dancers who have busy and unpredictable schedules and cannot regularly attend classes, we offer a Single Class Fee (SCF) option, to be paid at the beginning of class. Single class fees are as follows: $10 for 30 minute classes, $15 for 1 hour classes, and $20 for any class over 1 hour. Visitors who will be taking class must sign a waiver/liability form before stepping onto the floor.

Dancers accepted into the Conservatory Trainee Program will have the option of Unlimited Class Status for a flat fee of $175 per monthly installment. 

Please contact the Director or School Principal at 479-553-7400.

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