RAD Syllabus

Welcome to The Conservatory!

The Conservatory is the only RAD registered school in the state and under the guidance of our Registered Teacher and A.R.A.D. appointed instructors we annually participate in the international exam program. Students that are age 11 and up (with at least one year of pointe) may train toward the Vocational Exams beginning with Intermediate Foundation. These are not designated by age, but rather by skill level. Each year our students prepare and are examined by a specially trained RAD examiner from the international RAD community. Passing students will receive either Pass, Merit, or Distinction certificates from the London office and will have the opportunity to become an Associate Member of Royal Academy of Dance. Those earning a Distinction in their Advanced II exam automatically qualify to enter the exclusive Genee` International Ballet Competition.

What is RAD? 
The Royal Academy of Dance, founded in 1920, is an international organization based in London, England and is the largest, most influential dance teacher training and examining body for ballet in the world. Only internationally certified teachers may instruct this method and enter students into the RAD internationally accredited exams. The graded and vocational level classes follow a precise progression and students must meet a certain standard before progressing to the next level. This is necessary to insure proper skill and the best protection from injury.

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