Program Overview

Quality Dance Instruction in Northwest Arkansas

OUR MISSION is to offer the highest quality dance programs in classical ballet, classical modern, and contemporary that develop each student’s technical execution and artistic expression in a disciplined and nurturing atmosphere. With great attention to the syllabus of London’s Royal Academy of Dance, each student will progress according to standards that are designed to protect dancers from injury and grant them the opportunity to prepare for international examinations. We also offer upper level classes which diverge into a variety of other technical styles. Our goal is to help each student achieve their personal aspirations, whether it is for the simple love of the art or a desire to enter the world of professional ballet. The Conservatory aims to promote the art of dance through educational and performance opportunities, but above all, we want our students to experience the joy of dance! 

OUR EXPECTATIONS of our students include having a desire to learn, an understanding that respect is to be shown to teachers and fellow students at all times, and having the self-discipline to always put forth their personal best. Tradition, discipline, and respect will permeate the atmosphere in our classes and help each student develop a sense of pride as they train in the distinguished tradition of quality ballet instruction. 

STEP BY STEP we will guide each student through a curriculum that will educate them in technique, artistry and performance. We have classes to suit ages 2 through 99. Our classes are developmentally age appropriate and build in a progressive fashion. Our School Principal and RAD Program Director, along with the student’s classroom teacher will have full discretion on student placement.

Classical Ballet Instruction with an Eye to Mastery

MASTERING THE ART of ballet requires hard work and dedication. It also requires teachers to expose the students to the style variants and give them opportunities to seek encouragement and direction from those in the world of professional ballet. From time to time, we will host Master Classes with people who have distinguished themselves in the art of ballet. We encourage our students to take advantage of the offered Master Classes and, in addition, enroll in classical modern and contemporary classes in order to learn how to emanate the passion and connectivity in their classical ballet training. Athletes use ballet to cross train. Ballet will tone muscles, improve strength, flexibility, and develop body awareness. Male and female athletes will find that they have much better coordination and agility. More and more, colleges are offering ballet classes as an option for part of their team training, so we encourage students to consider the benefits dance can bring to other athletic activities. It is our belief that whatever a student’s motivation may be for choosing to train in dance, the process and product are something that a student can take with them regardless of their future endeavors. The skills of self-discipline, control, awareness, physical agility, artistry, poise and performance are skills that can be drawn upon in a multitude of arenas in life. 
MODESTY AND MORALS are of utmost importance at The Conservatory. Students are required to follow a standard of modesty in dress and exhibit good moral behavior at all times. You can read more about this in our Handbook. 

This is a registered non-profit 501c3 entity that performs locally and on tour, but also participates in educational programs and promotion of the arts in our area. If you would like more information or would like to donate, join their sponsorship program, or request event participation, please visit their website at Learn more about their performance season! We are privileged to host them as guest artists in our Nutcracker each year.
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